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High School Math Teacher en Newark, New Jersey

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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:   Build your career at a high performing charter school!  Great Oaks Legacy Charter School in Newark is seeking a High School Math Teacher  (Algebra II or Pre-Calculus/Calculus) for immediate hire for the 2019-20 school year. Great Oaks Legacy has a competitive salary and benefits package and opportunities for additional incentives. Join our team of outstanding educators, working to close the opportunity gap.

The teachers at Great Oaks Legacy Charter School are responsible for preparing each of our students for college success through rigorous instruction and maintaining consistently high expectations for conduct. Teachers are models of the hard work, desire for learning, and self-control that we expect our students to learn and display.
High School Math Teacher Essential Duties & Responsibilities

1) Curriculum & Instruction Demonstrating solid knowledge and understanding of the content matter. Establishing, communicating, and demanding high expectations for student learning, and quality of work. Using a multitude of instructional strategies and activities that are academically rigorous and highly engaging. Executing detailed lesson plans mapped to a year-long academic plan to address learning needs. Taking full responsibility for student failure and constantly working to respond to the students? learning needs. Consistently sending the message that this work is important, that the student can do it, and that you will not give up on a student.   2) Data Track and analyze student data to identify student learning needs and set ambitious, attainable goals for student progress. Planning and implementing strategies to achieve targets related to student learning outcomes. Working collaboratively with the principal and other teachers to develop and revise curriculum based on assessment data.
3) Classroom Environment Maintaining an efficient, respectful and positive tone in your classroom. Utilizing time to maximize student learning and communicating a constant, tangible sense of urgency. Ensuring that all students are on task at all times during a lesson. Clearly enforcing and emphasizing school rules, values and expectations. Building relationships with students that demonstrate an open concern and a sense of responsibility for students? academic and personal growth. Supervising students during lunch and transition periods.   4) Additional Responsibilities Putting in an extraordinary amount of time and effort to contribute to student and school success. Independently assuming additional responsibilities when necessary and demonstrating leadership. Making frequent phone calls, keeping parents informed of successes and struggles. Maintaining an orderly school culture. Occasionally leading professional development sessions. Other duties that may be necessary to fulfill the mission of the school.
High School Math Teacher Qualifications
Relentless work ethic. Belief that all students have what it takes to be successful. Bachelor's degree from a competitive college or university. Demonstrated mastery of content knowledge and ability to drive student growth. Prior teaching experience in an urban No Excuses school setting, strongly preferred. Extremely strong classroom management abilities. NJ Department of Education or out of state certification (CE/CEAS/Provisional/Standard) or evidence of meeting certification qualifications. Experience developing curriculum or potential to lead curricular development strongly preferred.
Our teachers are an integral part of our school-based instructional team and report to the School Director(s), with support and coaching from campus-based instructional leadership team members.

Great Oaks Legacy Overview
Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is a high-performing, innovative public charter school in Newark NJ, serving over 1,600 students from Pre-K to 12th grade on campuses across the city. Our mission is to prepare public school students for success in college. We do so with a unique model that incorporates daily high-dosage tutoring, differentiated instruction, and building a school community based on genuine, caring relationships.

Great Oaks Legacy students aspire to be some of the highest performing students in the country. We have high academic and behavioral expectations for our students. For example, our students are encouraged to take multiple AP classes before they graduate. We pair rigorous curriculum and teaching with intense personal support from teachers, tutors, and staff.

The school?s mission is to prepare our students for college success through several key elements:
Small school ? Grade-level cohorts of less 100 students allow each student to feel known and cared for. Our focus is on a sense of community and relationship building with families and students
More time on task ? We offer longer school days than traditional schools and weekend or after school sessions for students who need additional support.
High expectations ? Rigorous, differentiated, college-preparatory coursework from Pre-K through 12th grade. Advanced Placement and real college courses for high school students.
Effective Instruction ? World-class teachers with clear expectations and the support they need to continuously improve.
To fulfill our mission, we must ? Create a community that is built upon genuine and meaningful relationships Be surgical in our approach to differentiation of instruction and support of ALL students and team members Set and exceed high expectations for academic growth and character development for all students, in preparation for success in college and beyond

Our students arrive, on average, significantly behind grade level. Many live in poverty ? a higher percentage than most schools in the country. Upon arrival, they are statistically less than 10% likely to graduate with a 4-year degree. Our mission is that each child ultimately graduates from college.
Therefore: Employee takes responsibility to reverse negative outcomes of failing students, to make every effort to work proactively and reactively to engage each and every student, such that each is legitimately prepared to succeed in college. It is a given that all of the faculty work very, very hard. All staff, including the Campus Directors, Admin Teams, CAO, CEO, President, Operations Team and COO and Employee, acknowledge that we will do more than just work hard; we each seek ? through formal and informal feedback ? to dramatically improve. At Great Oaks Legacy, an ongoing quest for improvement is not considered remedial, it is essential and ongoing for all staff.

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