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Cocktail Waitress en Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Categoría: Food Service
  • Subcategoría Cocktail Waitress
  • Localidad: Cincinnati
  • Activo desde: 17/10/2020 - 19:05:07 pm
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 1

Reports to: All managers and trainers

Job summary: Takes orders and serves food and beverages to guests in the restaurant and cocktail area. Responsible for all aspects of the professional food service and guest satisfaction.

Essential functions:
-Effectively service a 6 table station within 2 weeks of hire
-Communicate clearly with the kitchen both verbally and utilizing the computer registers system
-Communicate effectively with co-workers
-Complete all side work as assigned
-Present and encourage current promotional information and materials to guests
-Perform responsibilities calmly and effectively under pressure
-Communicate with guest clearly, patiently, courteously, and with good humor
-Perform varied duties to ensure all aspects of service according to standing operating procedure
-Accurately account for and balance all sales and receipts
-Accurately account for all guest checks issued and record all items ordered and served.
-Ensure accurate payment from guests and notify guests of any automatic gratuity.
-Secure manager's signature for any compensated or voided items.

Qualifications Standards:
-Must provide a minimum of 2-years full service restaurant experience or the equivalent. After training, must be able to pass an exam in English with 90% or better in each of the following:
-Menu and specials
-Wine list
-Liquor list and special drinks
-Liquor liability laws and knowledge
-Accounting procedures
-Layout of restaurant including table manners and station numbers
-Individual restaurant orientation material including rules and philosophies
-Master English language sufficiently to communicate effectively
-Meet personal schedule requirements punctually
-Be courteous, pleasant and good natured
-Response to the needs of the difficult guests with patience and courtesy
-Accept constructive criticism
-Cooperate with co-workers
-Endure standing and walking for the entirety of a work shift
-Safely transport food from kitchen to guest table over slick, uneven surfaces
-Transport food to service a party of 4 of during a single trip
-Transport food and beverage items from source to any guest table continually throughout the shift
-Work nights, weekends, and holidays
-Must be BASSET/ or have completed a certified alcohol awareness training course

May not take or give away any unauthorized company property including food or beverages
May not eat or drink certain unauthorized items during a shift
May not work under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances
May not keep any unauthorized items in personal locker
May not resort to any physical violence or harassing behavior

Failure to abide by these and other conditions of employment of the company set forth elsewhere can subject an employee to disciplinary action including termination. Accessibility varies by location.
If you need any accommodation form the Company to enable you to perform essential job functions, please let as know at time of hire.


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